Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another business win, software was only consequential...

It’s been a long time… Can’t remember how we got together and got started with developing our platform for business. There were clearly many points of discussion then, ‘How can a software platform help to build a engaging relationship with customers and partners? Why should technical software’s have such high prices & intellectual ratings? Can we truly enhance productivity & lower cost for any business by creating technical software – is it possible? Why creation and recreation of software hurt customers with more cost, time and higher learning curve? Why do we lose customers when we enhance our versions? Is every software in this world – computer language dependent? Is there a computer which understands the language of business? Can such a language become equivalent to the tune of modern accounting terms such as balance sheet – which every businessman understand?’

Clearly, we were not going to develop another technical software and add to the chaos. We simply couldn’t afford too.

Now -- It’s obvious that we were asking the right questions. Without them being answered we wouldn’t have closed our fifth partner deal today. What seems to have happened since those days of inception of our product to this day of delivery is a long battle of unwinding. Unwinding years of experience & knowledge in creating our intelligent software platform which businesses could read, understand, build & enhance without code. We call it our ‘Business Definition & Designing platform’, the world’s first of course :)

So this is just a quick post to celebrate another business win over technical software, with our software which is business language driven & not otherwise :)

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