Thursday, August 21, 2008

The story of KJ...

I met my buddy KJ, aka 'Kishore the Juice Maker' - The owner of the Juice Jam Junction chain on last Tuesday. He is currently dealing with a few challenges.

Here’s the itemized list mentioned below -

Even though his procurement boy buys the right quantity of fresh Oranges from the whole seller every morning, his inventory always goes dry by the end of the day - forcing him to close his 13 odd shops in town much earlier than planned. He has raised his purchase quantity, but his sale does not go-up! Simple case of theft inside the business process :) - turns out that the purchase guy had made a better Business Process for stealing oranges from Kishore's inventory. The inventory was not digitized or maintained in any software program.

Secondly, his competitors are able to provide a better price on their glass of juices - even though KJ gets the best rate from the whole sale market for his fresh Oranges. He seems to be running out of competitive offerings on his business. Does marketing help to drop prices and make more sales? If the answer is 'NO' then how can this work for his competitors? For a diehard analyst – this was just a chip and a putt, ‘Your friends have a better optimized business process than you my friend. If only you could make a simple inventory application, the purchase boy could have accessed and filled out the details on the quantity and prices of Oranges in real time from the wholesale market on a daily basis, the store manager could have logged inside the same inventory application when they open shop for the day and see the price on Oranges and select the marketing plan which he can offer based on the prices of the day and know the exact amount of sales he can offer under those prices. How about two cents (2¢) for the first 20 juice glasses?’

KJ was all happy, ‘But how & why do I buy or manage a full ERP – hardware-software-customization/maintenance plus people… this isn’t going to work for me! '

Nothing could have made me happier than to help KJ out. We made a small inventory app in a day’s time, added 3 roles, made a couple of business rules for each of the deals based on the Orange prices of the day and made it available over a PDA. KJ now is all set to offer his best price for the day and he pays me $ 20 dollars a month for everything.

If only I can reach out to the KJ’s of the world. Can someone help??? I can pay – OnReach!

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