Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bugs and The Defect Tracker .

"I got bugs
I got bugs in my room
Bugs in my bed
Bugs in my ears
Their eggs in my head
Bugs in my pockets
Bugs in my shoes
Bugs in the way I feel about you
Bugs on my window
Trying to get in
They don't go nowhere
Waiting, waiting..."

Do YOU feel this way often??Relax... it's a song by Pearl Jam called "BUGS" :-)

But wait... this is how I feel too....... every time I find a Bug in my Software program!! :-(

Bugs or Defects are every one's nightmare come true... more so for a Programmer...
They are constantly playing "Hide and Seek" with the Programmers!! They are the itch which doesn't seem to go away!

Statistically speaking, the later a bug or defect is detected the higher the cost incurred in fixing the Defect..
So... in simple terms .. catch your Defects early... and eliminate them...

But it's easier said than done....HOW do I keep track of all my Defects? HOW do I manage the Defects I've found? How Do I eliminate these Bugs once and for all? The questions are endless!!

and... VOILA... We had a partner who built a "Defect Tracker".... Using Cloud Computing they went once step ahead by building a Web Based Defect Tracker using Wolf Platform as a Service to help me track my defects anytime and anywhere!!
Plus it came equipped with some really cool features which enabled me to implement my custom Defect Tracking Process !!

But don't take my word for it... go ahead and try the "Defect Tracker" for yourself and see the "Bugs" disappearing from your Process.

Visit the Solution Gallery at :Wolf Solution Gallery to check it out for yourself.

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