Monday, September 1, 2008

ISV’s can’t afford to be locked in?

Every year has seasons and every season is different and yet, every year these seasons bring different change based on global impacts. Every business has different seasons, say to launch new line of products or to maximize sales in a certain territory and yet, every season bring different change based on global impacts to introspect and re-innovate …

Today most software vendors are caught between the change of seasons, one which demands large scale standardization in offering/price across different mass consumption markets and one where customers demand ‘Leadership/Innovation’. Put this in context we are talking about working with South America, South East Asia, China and attend to our G7 customers :)

Bringing uniformity across the globe demands standardization, lowering of cost and higher levels of innovation. SaaS is only a starting point which most ISV’s can’t afford to ignore. SaaS brings standardization and lowers cost for customers and vendor, see the chart below.
SMEs benefit hugely using SaaS applications in compared to traditional Software models.

But what about freedom, customer social responsibility, innovation and democratizing technical innovation? Any thoughts … More on this next week …

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