Friday, October 24, 2008

Did you know that all forms in Wolf platform have auto validation of fields?

The Wolf web based application designer enables the addition of a large array of fields in your SaaS business app. These fields are part of edit screens or forms which assist the user to design and develop their custom web apps.

Let me give a quick example. A Wolf user wants to create a form for handling Tasks .

Some of the fields used for defining a Task in the application are:
1.Task Number- a unique number to identify the Task
2.Target Date- the due date for the Task
3.Task duration - the time required for Task completion
4.Task Subject - the subject of the Task (a text field)
5.Task Description- a description of the task (a long text field)

Task would require 4-5 different fields to completely describe it. As we know, application developers are often daunted by the task of testing their web apps. Additional testing of fields in an application generally leads to even higher testing time.

The Wolf web based application designer eliminates the overhead of testing web apps for field validations by providing auto validation of fields.

An example - any field of the "Date" type, would automatically prevent the addition of alphabets. Moreover, an attempt to add an invalid date such as "32/12/2008" would immediately prompt an error message as shown below -

This functionality extends to the addition of any invalid Date format .

It is important to note that, Wolf extends this functionality to all fields existing in the Wolf PaaS Designer saving the application developers valuable time in terms of testing . Wolf enables the web app designer to concentrate on the design and functionality of his application.

Happy to get you started :)

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