Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two way communication with our platform - Invoke a web services from a business rule


We released the ability for two way communication with Wolf Platform-as-a-Service. It’s quite obvious that every application has some sort of a callable API which allows inbound communication. Something very advantageous would be to enable an outbound communication.

It can be used in different scenarios, for example:
1. Exports – Our Business Rules can fetch information from its local host and post it to external, GET, POST or SOAP interfaces.
2. Notifications - Various Services Can be invoked during certain instances. A Short Messaging System for example upon achieving a certain task.
3. Logging - This is the most common of course. In its simplest form a log can me maintained externally with information integrated from GeoLocation based web services and User Activity.

I have attached two screen shots for you to see how easy it is to call and enable an outbound web service. If you try and achieve something interesting, don't forget to drop me a line …

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