Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On Click Help in the Wolf Designer ...

The latest buzz within the team is the On Click contextual help - recently released for the Wolf Designer. This context specific help is a guide for beginner, advanced and works even for expert users. I am a bit surprised with some of our partner team members who found the help really 'HELPFUL' :) The idea revolves around assistance based on the area of the application which you are currently working on using the designer. Let's have a look at the layout of the Wolf Designer .

In the figure above, the right most section is the "On Click Help" which dynamically generates help text depending on the node/element of your Application (in the Solution Explorer) which you are currently working on.

The "On Click Help" provides you with the following contextual information about the current node -
1. A brief summary of the node
2. A list of "Must Do's" while/before using the node
3. Some points to remember
4. A set of possible actions you can perform at the node
5. A set of actions to guide you if you're just getting started

Let's say this is your first time working with a Search Template. When you left click on the Search Template in the Solution Explorer, contextual help related to the Search Template is generated in the "On Click Help" section. It will now guide you in completely designing this Search Template with a basic definition, steps in getting started, essential actions and points to remember.

Additionally, you can reference the Help for individual "Properties" of different elements/nodes by clicking on the property (For example - properties of fields, search templates, etc.)

Don't forget to check out the "Getting Started" section if you're logging in for the first time.

We have taken a step further in assisting you to design and develop your customized web applications. Feel free to contact us at for any further assistance.

We are happy to help.

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