Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top 13 reasons for using WOLF SaaS Designing Platform

Most of the reasons for using a SaaS are already known. But is there any SaaS designing platform which provides you all these?

Multi-tenant SOA Architecture
24/7 application hosting service
Develop without writing technical code
Turn on - Automatic Platform Upgrades
Grids for inline editing and entering data
Access Ready-to-use Starter Biz Solutions
Custom Branding, template personalization
Embed functional widgets in any other solution
Migration & copying of applications with design
Prototyping, Versioning, Real-Time Sync Module
SAS 70 audited, best of the breed IT Infrastructure
Showcase your application in WOLF Solution Gallery
View analytics via Dashboard items & Graphical charts
Service Layer Abstractions using XML based Business Rules Engine
Ready Rules to port and manipulate data from different software programs
Import Export or filter data from Word, Excel, Project Management or CSV files
128 bit SSL encryption, NO CLOUD LOCKIN – Save your DATA in your own DATABASE

Software TO IMPROVE YOUR Business and NOT OTHERWISE- Most software's are developed using proprietary programming languages & require technical skills not known to the larger world. WOLF is the only Software Platform-available-as-a-Service which lets Business Users develop applications without writing a single line of technical code. Up and Running within minutes. It reduces the economics of creating, utilizing and maintaining software for customers. Wolf requires no special skills or software to install and helps to reduce capital expense. It eliminates the upfront expense of software purchases like Database, Middleware and technical upgrades all automated online, substantially reducing supporting IT costs.

Quick, easy, convenient and cost effective-
To start using your WOLF based SaaS applications, you only need to visit a customized web URL - How easy can this get? You reduce your cost of developing serious software by more than 70% - Quick and Cost effective! Without writing even a single line of script/code…

Quick implementation cycle - To start using your WOLF based SaaS applications, you only need to visit a customized web URL - How easy can this get? You reduce your cost of developing serious software by more than 70% - Quick and Cost effective! Without writing even a single line of script/code…

Customized solution for every customer, the consultative approach- Often a standard solution does not fit your needs, which is why WOLF Platform delivers customization OnDemand without any hassles or high cost. WOLF’s unique technical architecture allows customers to turn on automatic upgrades & also enhance custom features and processes within days with very little investments. So don't forget to demand additional features from your WOLF SaaS provider.

Multiple cloud compatibility, Standardization and Infrastructure - WOLF SaaS applications are accessed by all users across the organization using a browser simultaneously. These software's are developed and are running on the XML standard developed by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which aids information systems in sharing structured data, especially via the Internet. In addition to adherence to such high standards, WOLF Platform is offered from a highly scalable, secured Cloud Computing Infrastructure, available with 100% uptime guaranteed, factoring OnDemand scalability with the option for you to choose your own preferred Cloud provider to save your business data or to even install your own WOLF Platform copy as a RunTime License. We understand our customers need for high data security and privacy which is why the data resides within your premises or preferred cloud.

Mobility and Global accessibility - Anytime, anywhere access using a browser. Collaboration and accessibility of data over geographically dispersed locations using multiple devices. You gain by accessing your business systems via mobile, PC, Kiosk or any internet enabled device.

On Demand, pay as you use - Development as a service, use as a service, deliver as a service and when customers need - they pay as per the services used. No more hardware servers to manage, no special software license, no development language to learn - Just a browser and an internet connection.

Data Portability and Integration - Let's face it - data is spread across DIFFERENT systems from different VENDORS. Some are structured systems such as a Microsoft Excel ® , CRM, IMS, ERP, SCM, FINANCIAL, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, PAYROLL, ACCOUNTING, etc. For generations, software product vendors have touted about their API's for accessing data with different competing protocols and added to the laborious work. With WOLF, you don't need to deal with another API - Just drop a ready business rule to connect with your required system and HOLA - you are connected. Want to get your systems connected - speak to us right away.

Data Security- All Wolf based SaaS applications are accessed over 128-bit secured SSL connection and are hosted in a 100% uptime guaranteed, load balanced – SAS 70 state-of-the-art data center. Wolf also provides a very robust Security Management module which allows you to create-manage Roles/Users for the system & provides you with complete control over different views, changes or data additions. We have enabled 'Physical', 'Application' & 'Access' controlled security for all SaaS applications. Remember: YOU ALSO HAVE THE OPTION TO SAVE YOUR DATA IN YOUR OWN LOCAL/PRIVATE DATABASE SETUP.

Multitenancy- In general, Multitenancy refers to a principle in software architecture where a single instance of the software runs on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor's servers, serving multiple client organizations (tenants). With the Wolf multitenant architecture, the software application is designed to virtually partition its data and configuration so that each customer organization works with a customized virtual application instance and upgraded online by Wolf, the OnDemand SaaS provider. You can leverage and rely on our strict service level assurance for prompt online support,services & information.

Application Scalability - How many records would you need to manage using your online system? Can we start with a million records? The WOLF SOA late bound architecture allows you to manage and manipulate data without posing constraints on your bandwidth. You can add users whenever you need and upgrade your software with the latest releases whenever available.

Freedom from being locked inside a particular technology - Wolf based SaaS Software continues to grow independent of technology changes. The Platform separates the business definition from its code counterpart, making the business application survive beyond current technologies. Providing more freedom for customers and reducing the burden of technology change. Extremely useful for customers having limited capability in software development but having high automation and process needs.

WOLF SaaS pricing model - WOLF SaaS offers an attractive OnDemand pricing model based on the application. Applications are usually priced on per user/per month basis with the option of purchasing extra storage and users, ranging from USD $ 9 to USD $ 48/- Delivers higher ROI and greater simplicity and ease of use.

Human Touch - We provide an experience and not a technology product. Customer service and feedback are actionable items and not reports for us. A service business is built around customer needs, you are assured to get one to one personal service not just via our trained customer support & partner implementation team our entire management staff. Try an idea and experience our product/service.


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