Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nasscom features WOLF Platform-as-a-Service ...

Dear Friends,

Nasscom featured WOLF Platform-as-a-Service under their premium product initiative called, 'Made in India'. We are proud to be featured under this category.

Please click on the below link to give us your rating and some comments if you can…

Thanks for all your support, we are here because of you...



Friday, January 16, 2009

WOLF SaaS Designing Platform @ HeadStart Compute 2009...

Dear Friends,

We recently participated @ The Headstart Compute 2009 ... a Industry-StartUp collaboration event hosted by the HeadStart Foundation. HeadStart brought together all the stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem - entrepreneurs and startups, researchers from industry and academia, early adopters of new products like WOLF and investors with the oppurtunity to exchange ideas, discussions and share possibilities together.

We found the event to be a great success for us, the quality of people, ideas, conversations and connections we made with interesting Beta evaluators was phenomenal. Apart from the appreciation, you can see some interesting reviews/comments about us: WOLF have the potential to change the way computing is done, read more: ;

WOLF takes care of all the headaches of business software sound so easy to manage:

Our team designed & delivered more than 30 odd situational application on the FLY for visitors who wanted to take a personalized software back home along with a FREE WOLF account. Here's few quick snapshots pictures from the event and a very interesting comment from an anonymous user: You guys have successfully automated software!

The team seems quite busy assimilating more comments and enabling a few bright ideas on our Platform. Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have one - ...

And aah, I must say cheers & congratulations to the entire HeadStart team, they are to us the true Innovation catalyst of the Indian Product & Innovation Ecosystem :)

Stay tunned for more from WOLF Platform-as-a-Service...

Kind Regards,

Sunny Ghosh
WOLF Frameworks

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Using Categories in your Wolf Application

A useful feature in the Wolf Designer is the categorisation of the elements of your web application. By default, the "General" Category is available to the Wolf application designer. However, in addition to the "General" category you may create custom categories for grouping of related elements, logical seperation of different elements as well as for providing visual seperation of these elements in your end application.

Consider you are building an application for maintaining the data of a University. You would ideally define the following Entities:
- an Entity "Graduate Student" to hold the details of a graduate student
- an Entity "Post Graduate Student" to hold the details of a post graduate student
- an Entity "Professor" to hold the details of a professor
- an Entity "Other Staff" to hold the details about other staff in the college such as lab attendants, etc.
- additionally an Entity "Leave Details" may be used to store attendance details

Logically, we may assign these Entities and their related Navigation items to the following categories:
Category "Student": which will contain the Entities "Graduate Student" & "Post Graduate Student"
Category "Faculty": which will contain the Entities "Professor" & "Other Staff"
The Entity "Leave Details" may optionally be assigned to a custom Category or to the "General" category.

Lets take a look at how you can create Categories for your Wolf application.
To create a new Category, right click on the Application name --> Select "New" --> "New Category".

Assign an appropriate name to the new Category (Example- Student) and Publish your changes to start using this Category in your application.

Once you have created the Categories you can start assigning the Entities and their related Navigation Items to their appropriate Category.

Tip - Create a Category "Reports" and assign all the Navigation Menus linked to your application's reports to the "Reports" Category.

After configuring the security and access, the run enviroment of the application will appear as shown below:

An important point to remember is that the Category "Dashboard" is assigned to a Navigation item as a rule while creating Dashboard Items. More on this in a later post.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meet us @ HeadStart! 2009…

We are participating @ HeadStart! 2009…
Meet us face to face and get a situational business application developed for FREE :)

A Very Happy New Year

Dear Friends & Partners,

2008 was a great start to 2009 :) I wish you a safe, healthy & prosperous new year ahead.

We released the public beta for Wolf Platform-as-a-Service during early September, added 5 new solution & implementation partners covering United States & Asia Pacific, enabled 4 new SaaS product initiatives on our platform catering to small medium & enterprise business segment, helped to deliver 7 very interesting custom solution projects, trained more than 25 WOLF certified developers and have more than 800 registered users building 200 plus business applications using our Platform ...

We are fortunate to have the oppurtunity to work with some of most talented & skilled cloud computing enthusiasts in the region and hope to work on many exciting customer engagements together.

I will be in touch to share more updates from different events, activities, partnerships and experiences, untill then a - Very Happy New Year to everyone again ...