Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exporting data to Excel from your Wolf Applications without programming

A lesser known fact about your Wolf SaaS application is that it is not a stand alone application :) In fact your Wolf based software applications can interact with other Wolf Applications and a host of external software & systems without programming at all ...

We have listed examples of Wolf Applications interacting with other software systems in two of our previous posts:
1. RSS News aggregation using Wolf - obtaining the data from a third party RSS , converting the XML to Wolf Document Record format and storing/displaying it using Wolf.
2. Invoking a Wolf SaaS application from a .NET program - Capturing data returned from a Wolf Business Rule and using this data in a .NET application.

Today we will see how this interaction with external softwares can be simplified to the mere click of a button. We are going to see how the data from a Wolf application can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet without programming and with the simple click of a button.

Consider you have a Wolf application that stores the basic details of a student. This includes the Name, the Date of Birth and Age of the student. Lets say we need to save the records of some students into an Excel sheet.

A snapshot of a Wolf Application Search Template containing these student records is shown below -

You can save this data into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the "Export to Excel" button found in the top half of the Search Template(marked in RED below).

Clicking this button throws a popup asking you whether you want to Save or Open the Excel Spreadsheet containing the student records.

The resultant Excel sheet with the student records is shown below -

Voila.... you have your entire data saved in a spreadsheet with a single click. Quick and Easy!!
Go ahead and try out the many export/import features of Wolf PaaS.

Any challenges in importing or exporting your data ? Want to know how you can connect an external application to Wolf ? Feel free to get in touch. We are happy to help.

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