Thursday, February 12, 2009


Jonathan Sapir from "Powerinthecloud" recently reviewed the Forrester Report on Platform-as-a-Service. His review is very interesting, read below:

Forrester Research has an interesting document out called "Platform-as-a-Service is here; Can it help you?" Their answer is that PaaS products "are providing value to application development and program management teams". Indeed.

Some of the products mentioned in the document I am very familiar with - including Allrounds, which we at SilverTree Systems helped develop, and of course Coghead, where we were responsible for building pieces of the platform. I was surprised to see Magic Software on the list - I personally started working with Magic Software back in 1989, and still have clients using Magic applications we built many years ago. Nice to see Magic entering the 21st century!

There were some new players I had never seen before, like Orangescape, which appears to be something along the same lines as Wolf and Longjump.

The document uses the term "4GL", which I haven't seen used in quite a long time. PaaS products are broken down by 3GL, 4GL and Business Analysts, then by content-oriented versus transaction business applications. Here are some other ways to break it down:

Complete credit for this post goes to Jonathan Sapir:

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