Friday, February 6, 2009

How to make money using WOLF e-Widgets? Are they free ..?

Wondering on how to save and make money using WOLF e-Widgets? WOLF based application widgets are free ...?

Assume you are finance professional and have customers who consult you on asset planning and check on their current mortgage and housing loans on a regular basis. If you design a simple web based application using WOLF called ‘EMI Calculator’ and expose the application to every visitor of your own website, you reduce a lot of operative time and can work with them on more strategic activities. For your customers this means, entering their housing loan amount, tenure for the loan and see the current interest rate & EMI (Every Month Installment) with a click of a button.

How much are you paying WOLF Platform for your web application ‘EMI Calculator’?

WOLF charges you based upon the number of users registered inside your WOLF account. You sign up for the WOLF service based on the different business plans. Two users are free for your standard WOLF account business plan - One is the WOLF account holder itself and the second user is the one you create to test your application as a user. You can give access to different Entities (Data), menu/navigation item, Business Rules & Reports to the user via the RunTime Environment as a administrator/designer for the application.

How much will it cost if all my web visitors use the ‘EMI Calculator Form’ application? Does WOLF charge you based on every user who clicks on the EMI calculator?

In our last post we described that you need a WOLF application user and tie the user to a specific domain name and a key to embed the application as a web widget inside another public or private website. You can read the steps here:

So your web visitors need not be part of the WOLF registered user for your EMI Calculator application and thus you make such a feature available to your customers completely free J Business Application functionality extended to your customers FREE…

Hey, but when do you pay?

When you cross more than 2 users, WOLF Platform-as-a-Service charges you based upon your business plan. If you cross more than 2 and add a single user – you only pay $ 10/- a month. In the case of the EMI calculator, you have one domain URL – one key and one user. But if you were to add the same EMI calculator to another website, you would need another user name, another domain URL and one more key. So you would have to pay based upon the users added inside your WOLF account. So one WOLF account, one new user, one widget embedded inside one website (localhost or public) is FREE…


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