Monday, February 23, 2009

Why does the WOLF Platform support IE browser to start with?

If you are wondering why WOLF only supports IE, this is a good post to read further...

A Client platform for deployment. We had to pick one and in the beginning were all Microsoft guys. We were debating using of Flash for delivery then we debated some more...

The Wolf platform is built using 2 disintegrated platforms:

1] The web services Engine

This is the one that represents the real application and its business rules. It has no dependency on the host application interacting with it. Establish a session/ authenticate and use it in any fashion. This partially integrates with the database platform but we'll discuss that in another article.

2] The Client Interface

The client Interface or the User Interface is entirely HTML, Javascript and AJAX to interact with server. The Client interface has purely been derived in this fashion.

1] How is the application going to be delivered?
The application will be delivered over an Internet Browser.

2] Who are the target users of the application Runtime
The target users of the application runtime will mostly be teams who understand the implementation of the business applications and their roles in it. The application functionality would decide the target users. The browser once again is considered only as a method of delivery for a functional business application.

3] Why not any other browsers.
Browsers by nature have been supporting W3c Standards but then they also prefer to add a few fancies which tend to start making their own fans. For example (for a web developer) rounded corners are actually quite simple using "-moz-border-radius/ -webkit-border-radius" while working with Mozilla/Firefox and Safari 3. If the goal is to only deliver functionality why would one bother to have images to make up rounded corners for other browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer.

4] Which browsers should we support on mobile devices.
Well, we havn't answered this one yet but do know that some don't support javascript, some don't require styling and some don't have html browsers. For now, we have been delivering and testing specific mobile browsers on customer request for specific customer applications.

We are wondering, should we just put the effort to make a client host for web delivery?? Maybe, our own browser??

Ralph Vaz


Anonymous said...

I'm not understanding this post at all... will you be supporting Safari or Firefox on the Mac any time soon?

I really like what I see, but until it runs in Safari or Firefox on the Mac, I'm afraid it's useless to me and my staff.


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