Monday, February 23, 2009

WOLF Platform-as-a-Service opens their XML framework to read & restore Coghead customer applications...

WOLF Platform-as-a-Service opens their XML framework to read & restore stranded Coghead customer applications without any programming or initial financial commitment. Read more about the detailed news at

To take advantage of the offer, Coghead users are requested to take the following steps:

Step 1: Please visit the following URL and register for the 2 user Free account and activate your WOLF account and create a dummy business application. NOTE: Even if you have more than 2 users in your Coghead based application, WOLF will not charge Coghead customers for the next 60 days.

Step 2: Please log into your Coghead account and export your business application design, download the attached application. Go to the ‘Ask Support’ section after logging into your WOLF account, describe your Coghead application in a few quick lines and upload your Coghead Business Design XML. WOLF will send you an email confirmation. Note: You are the owner of all Intellectual Property & Application Designs residing under your WOLF account. For more information, read the WOLF User License Agreement:

Step 3: The Coghead based business application will be transformed into a WOLF based application, enabled active and made up and running replacing the dummy application created under your WOLF account. You will receive a notification email in your email ID to verify the application design.

Step 4: Send us the data extract from your Coghead application. It can be part of the same XML sent earlier or you might have to export your application data from Coghead in CSV format. Our team will work together with you to activate your data and setup the security roles & activate the user management structure, URL redirection, etc. Your application along with data and users will be up and running with minimal efforts. If you need more detailed information, please drop a line to

Coghead customers need no initial investment to get their applications transferred to their WOLF account, up & running for the next 60 days. Users can leverage the WOLF Platform technology benefits, request to subscribe for the WOLF source code ESCROW service & opt for the appropriate users Business Plan within the next 60 days. WOLF Platform is offered on a per user per month based user subscription fee. You can view the Business Plan Pricing @

Interested customers in the United States can reach WOLF Team directly & talk to
Mr. Uday Bendala: +1 (248) 327 3541 (Monday to Friday EST working hours) or otherwise reach WOLF team at +91 80 2572 1700 or +91 98451 66926 or +1 (732) 978 4977 (8am to 2pm EST). For more information about WOLF’s program for Coghead customers, write to to know more about WOLF Partner program, please send an email to Jerry Ram –

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