Monday, June 22, 2009

Pictorially represent your SaaS Application data

This month we've focused our efforts on assisting our Customers/Partners to visually represent their business data in charts, graphs, etc. using the recently launched Wolf Chart Control.

Based on the positive feedback, we've introduced a new feature that allows you to pictorially represent your data in a Search Screen. And believe it or not this can be done with just a simple set of mouse clicks. NO CODING! :-)

This concept which we call as an "Image Map" links the data of a Search Screen column to an image source and displays custom images instead of standard text, based on the column values.

Confused? An example will help you picture this:
Let's say I have a simple vehicle inventory managing system which keeps track of all my vehicles and additionally allows me to assign a rating to each vehicle. The Search Screen appears as shown below:

The vehicle ratings(column marked in RED in the picture above) are based on the following:
1- Excellent
2- Good
3- Average

Using the "Image Map" concept, I can associate the vehicle ratings to different flag colors as follows:
1 (Excellent) : Red flag
2 (Good): Yellow flag
3 (Average): Green flag

(Hint: In the Designer, go to the Search Screen and create an image map that associates the vehicle ratings to images of different flag colors. Link this image map to the "Vehicle Rating" column of the Search Screen)

The same Search Screen using an Image map for the "Vehicle Rating" column is as shown below:

You can also edit the image map at any time to change the images associated with the vehicle ratings.

Go ahead and spice up your Wolf SaaS application using the power of visual analytics in Wolf!

Need help in using image maps? Some feature you would like to see in your Wolf SaaS Application? Feel free to get in touch.

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