Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wolf Frameworks Platform-as-a-Service widens their market reach by adding complete support for Mozilla Firefox web browser users.

WOLF Frameworks officially opens support for Mozilla Firefox web browser users.

Wolf, the standards compliant cloud computing Platform for designing & delivering business applications, today opened their framework for Mozilla Firefox web browser users. WOLF Platform-as-a-Service Technology assists Entrepreneurs, Application Developers, IT Service Providers and Business Leaders to get their customized Business Applications developed 70 percent faster on the cloud at less than half the cost.

"Technology is our promise and we will continue to make it easy & deliver lot more functionality as per our customer’s needs. Mozilla Firefox users can now work on Wolf SaaS Application Development Framework and get complete support from us. Officially we are open to IE 6, 7, 8 and all versions of Mozilla Firefox 3.0 onwards." said Mr. Ralph Vaz, Founder & CTO WOLF Frameworks.

Wolf Frameworks Cloud Computing platform is used for developing & delivering customized business processes as SaaS applications. It helps to drive additional revenue for IT Solution Providers and Domain Experts by rapidly converting their ideas as SaaS applications & offering these applications on a recurring subscription fee.

It is time to say 'Good bye' to standard software packages and 'Welcome' affordable and tailor made customized applications which work the way your business needs - available all the time - online. Wolf platform requires little technical skills and no up-front capital expenses & introduces a paradigm shift where complex applications get developed within weeks & links software service provider’s revenues with customer’s business growth and not just standard software development skills.

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