Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Features & Enhancements in Business Rule Actions

Based on customer & partner feedback, the following enhancements have been made 'LIVE' in the Business Rule Actions:

1. If-Then-Else Actions

Location: Business Rules

Problem: The absence of an Else node in the If-Then Action of the Business Rules. This required the use of multiple If-Then actions to specify conditions or constraints in your Application.

Solution: The If-Then Action has been updated with an Else node as shown in the image below:

All your previously added If-Then Actions have already been updated. Remember that it is perfectly fine to leave the contents of the Else block empty.

2. Formatting emails via Business Rules

Location: Business Rules


When creating HTML formatted emails in Business Rules, the font style had to be specified individually for all the text of the email. There was a need to specify a default font style for the entire email.


The Send Email Action is now equipped with a feature that allows you to specify a default font style to all the text in an email. See the snapshot below :

The font style specified in the "Mail Default Style" node will be used in the entire email.

Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned for some exciting new features in the coming days. We are being showered with new features, cheers to the 'Development Team' :)

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