Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Connect @ WOLF Frameworks Forum

Dear Customers & Partners,

In our continuing efforts to make WOLF Frameworks a lucrative platform for our partners/customers & to provide an additional communication & engagement channel for our community at large, we released the first version of the WOLF Frameworks Forum today.

The forum marks the beginning of our official attempt towards building & nurturing an online community which will soon have access to a lot more product information, online help, customer cases, feature releases, tips & tricks with the ability to collaborate with potential prospects, customers, other partners along with our own internal R & D and Development team members.

Keeping up with tradition, the WOLF Forum is also a WOLF based SaaS application – designed and delivered rapidly using the WOLF Frameworks Technology. We intend to open up and offer many such web widgets to our partners – who can then offer the same to their customers.

You can reach the Forum via the website http://www.wolfframeworks.com or using the direct URL: http://connect.wolfframeworks.com/ In any case, you are only required to have a signed in status with the WOLF PaaS Service to actively contribute. Your existing WOLF Account (User name and password) will work without any changes.

I would like to personally take this opportunity to invite you to join, participate & contribute in the Forum. Please do send us your comments, suggestions and ideas to improve the forum functionality further.

Happy connecting, best regards,

Sunny Ghosh
Director & CEO
Wolf Platform-as-a-Service

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What do you get against the monthly recurring fee from your Platform-as-a-Service vendor?

Cloud Computing and particularly Platform-as-a-Service should work almost like any other essential service. True PaaS environments will work like any of your utility services and also provide additional cover protecting your business data/processes & applications. Somewhat like obtaining a service and getting insurance cover as well...

Consider the following scenario: WOLF delivers the complete software infrastructure which includes Database Layer + Middleware Layer and the Application Layer along with Infrastructure + storage + automated maintenance & feature upgrades.
Customers have access to this integrated environment (24/7/365) which makes it easy for them to quickly use, develop, diagnose & deliver effective solutions which takes care of their business challenges & needs.

So while it seems like a PaaS provider only gets you access – software – storage & maybe trained support team members – a true PaaS comes along with certain de-facto standard offerings, such as a great Service Level Assurance (SLA), explicit insurance from any loss of data for your SaaS applications, disaster recovery procedures to restore applications & even custom performance/scalability benchmarks if required.

Now contrast the above with a phone, electricity or a Governmental Medical & Health Care Service and you might not find some of these as new dimensions of service. Wondering what does that entail PaaS provider such as WOLF Frameworks to undertake?

Well, lots I must say. A very complex set of routine runs which takes care of data backups in multiple locations, higher infrastructure cost, complex version control mechanism, high physical security with NO access to data, built-in features within WOLF application Designer for customers to access-extract & take periodic data backups themselves in Relational Database Formats in their own preferred location, ability to extract SaaS application Design in portable XML format and also to run Database Server in a different private server, etc.

While all of these are efforts to minimize risk for customer’s data loss, high service availability standards, well trained staff for support, etc -- We consider them in hindsight as the basic Insurance which customers require before they start building applications using our platform as a service.

What’s your opinion on PaaS Services vs. other Utility Services-Insurance covers? Does the service analogy resonate well with your thought? What kind of service level standards you expect your PaaS provider to deliver. I am interested in your take, thought & feedback...

Sunny Ghosh
Director & CEO
Wolf Platform-as-a-Service

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