Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Growing Usage of SaaS-based Accounting Systems by Indian SMBs

There has been a lot of discussion around SaaS adoption in India. Let’s bring into context the Indian Market for SaaS-based Accounting software to clear the air a bit…

A recent study by New York-based Access Markets International (AMI) Partners Inc. reveals that Indian SMBs (small and medium businesses) will spend US$30 million on accounting software in 2009, showing a 5% growth over 2008. Read more about the study here.

On-demand SaaS is a growing trend in the accounting software market and Indian SMBs are choosing this option to weather the economic storm. Features like rapid implementation, low capital expenditure, and web support are making these SaaS-based software solutions popular within the SMBs.

eCounting, one of the accounting products built on WOLF Platform-as-a-Service is an emerging player in the Indian Accounting SaaS world.

There is a lot of additional functionality that can be provided along with an accounting software like supply chain management, logistics, financial & inventory management, etc. In the near future, we look forward to working with different domain experts belonging to Accounting and peripheral domains to try and cater to the needs of the market with more such interesting applications...

Best Regards,
Ankit Jain
Account Executive
WOLF Frameworks


ebizcommrs said...

SaaS is the future in IT.The benefits are usually great but the big risk is security which i believe will eventually be resolved.

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