Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is this Agile Development?

Yesterday, I visited a prospective partner to introduce WOLF and explore possible synergies. While the first part of the meeting revolved around showcasing the platform, aligning business models and getting to know the type of applications they were planning to build, etc – what followed after was a lot more interesting…

The prospect started highlighting features for one of his web applications, describing analytics of his data & business processes and one of us started designing the application simultaneously on the fly. Btw, the office had a superb Wi-Fi network.

By the time he decided to end his requirement definition, we were ready with a working proof of concept for the application itself. We gave him a unique URL over which he could access the application - ready to use. Talking of agility and rapid application development, that is what we can deliver, quite agile I think …???

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