Friday, December 18, 2009

Cloud Computing: Changing the face of collaboration

The fact that Cloud Computing and specifically Situational Application PaaS are changing the face of collaboration for businesses is something that we've all heard about. But here's a short anecdote which demonstrates how small or local businesses are actually transforming and benefiting from the WOLF Cloud Computing Framework.

Recently, one of our existing NPO customers received a substantial donation for a rural development project. Normally this means a chain reaction involving several days of manual data collection, data consolidation in databases & spreadsheets and finally analysis culminating into a large report. The report would subsequently be printed and mailed by registered post to the donor sitting in another part of the planet.

While this is a standard, thanks to Wolf, our customer only deployed field staff to collect data using a Wolf-based form running asynchronously in their hand-held devices. The team designed a small mashup application which could import this data, match it with their past records from other databases & spreadsheets in their existing application and also generate the required analytics.

It only took two working days and the entire data was consolidated without using a single paper record while the relevant reports/dashboard analytics were available with a single click without any manual intervention.

Creating a login for the donor and sending him an email with details to view these reports was all that is took from the administration department. Two and a half days from demand to supply.

The global reach offered by online software services and SaaS platforms like WOLF enabled the donor to instantly access the resource reports and arrange a fund transfer to the NPO. An acknowledgment was generated instantly by the NPO and sent back to the donor within minutes! All this using only a web browser and internet connection!

We are happy to practically see the changing nature of collaboration offered by our applications to customers.

Maybe SaaS should stand for Smile as a Service too :-)

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