Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WOLF Platform-as-a-Service brings Cloud Computing to Bottom Of Pyramid (BOP) Users

More than half the Cloud Computing vendors swear by the concept of democratizing computing for the larger world. Though this seems to be the root cause for Cloud Computing technologies, hardly any of us demonstrate how larger masses can participate and use computing to its potential to make a change in our larger society & daily lives.

A simple case from the villages of Ananthpur District in Andra Pradesh, India shows how thousands of rural women are being profiled, serviced and managed via a secured online Census Management SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application and are being empowered with a Unique Identification Number (UID), a social ID for the first time in their lives.

This small and unique UID program demonstrates and acknowledges villagers who are a part of the Indian Government registered VOs and SHGs (Self Help Groups) to access basic government - social and financial amenities and improve their livelihood by participating in various self-sustainable social development programs developed by SEDS (Social Education and Development Society)- India’s second largest NGO.

SEDS envisioned and worked towards this program for six long years. They also created one of the most advanced online database applications within days using the WOLF Cloud Computing Platform.

Developed rapidly with the browser-based point & click, pay-per-use WOLF environment within 3 weeks time, the application currently generates UIDs for individuals, ID cards, allows network partners such as Banks, Donor organizations, Public work services, funding agencies to track profiles & program efficiencies and hold census level information.

This SaaS project reinforces our fundamental belief that Cloud based technology should work wonders for a larger cause to sustain growth over a longer period. Restricting access, knowledge to essential software and the ability to develop/deploy simple business software with only technical means will only cripple our collaborative ability to create value and give birth to the next set of killer applications for the world. It is our customers and their imaginations which should bring the winning recipe to our next business success.

Here are a few glimpses from the International Women's Day Program where Cloud based Census Information System was being shared and opened for more than 40,000 users to work on a daily basis. A completely new generation leveraging computing never thought possible earlier...

Sunny Ghosh
Director & CEO
Wolf Platform-as-a-Service

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