Monday, June 14, 2010

How effective is your vendors mental and organizational lab for you?

This post is not about Xerox Palo Alto or IBM Research Center, but deals with your regular OnDemand business partners who provide you with Software or Platform or Infrastructure on a pay-per-use model.

We all know that the role of ideas, insights, exploratory learning – unlearning and more importantly innovation and incubation is big in every company today. So is the role of loosely held labs which auto-correct and co-create for you. Not necessarily only for growth, but for survival as well.

When RaviShankar, Founder & CEO of Learn2turn consulting mentioned that doctors use more than 33% intuition while analyzing their patients – it triggered a huge discussion within our team. This essentially lead to the development of an online tool which could offload the mental churning for doctors and the need to identify similar challenged scenarios in non-medical practices and how they manage it today.

This insight not only resulted in the development of a record and knowledge management SaaS application for OB/GYN practitioners called “e-Dok”, but has also helped us to understand several rules intensive practice sectors and take innumerable lessons.

To create an out-of-box strategy and make your business succeed, you need first hand insights. Insights are simple, cannot be outsourced and require being involved in the field and not board room. "Fail quickly and cheap – but last for long" is an old principle which we believe and our fundamentals of innovation stems down from worldwide leaders such as Porsche, Gillette, Lockheed Martin and many others who constantly listened to their customers needs.

These companies effectively listened, invested in forgetting their past, created agile organization structures and tested their own food on daily basis. Did exactly what their customers asked them like a service company would do, but invested on the product so that it helps many others and churned quickly.

As a customer, you must watch out for companies that are willing to listen to you, instead of you listening to them. This is one key factor which will continue to be a crucial differentiation in choosing your On Demand vendor. As customers demand more, the smarter vendors will learn and churn... and most importantly produce success for customers first...

On a more personal NOTE: Though my undertone in this post is directed towards choosing a adaptive Platform, success of your business is never a result of a single insight or one development effort or your online partner – but requires a combination of constant change, level 2 thinking and many factors that work together. However you do need to check for your business partners/vendor’s adaptability to your business needs.

For example: Do they have a lab to accommodate your "insights" without being charged?

Sunny Ghosh
Director & CEO
WOLF Platform-as-a-Service

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