Monday, October 4, 2010

SEDS wins the Information Weeks Prestigious Silver EDGE Award 2010 for developing India's first Private UID project on WOLF Cloud Computing Platform

Reading the live tweets of the Interop Mumbai keynote I couldn’t help but think how aptly it had summarized “IT to be converging and networks going borderless”.

The second edition of the EDGE awards were hosted at Interop Mumbai from September 28th to 30th, 2010. In InformationWeek's own words Enterprises Driving Growth and Excellence (using IT) is an initiative by InformationWeek to identify, recognize and honor end-user companies in India that have demonstrated the best use of technology to solve a business problem, improve business competitiveness, and deliver quantifiable ROI to stakeholders.”

The Cloud-based Census Information Management System (CIMS) jointly developed by Social Education and Development Society (SEDS) and WOLF Frameworks was nominated by the EDGE jury as the winner of the ‘Silver EDGE’ award.

Some highlights of CIMS as noted by the EDGE jury:

- It took SEDS and WOLF Frameworks just 120 hours to design, develop and deploy India's first CIMS serving bottom-of-the-pyramid customers.

- The application stores and manages data of 250 villages, 980 self-help groups and auto-generates Unique Identification Numbers (UIDs) for more than 40,000 individuals.

Some snapshots from Interop 2010, Mumbai:

Manil Jayasena, CEO, SEDS speaks at the awards:

Manil Jayasena accepting the award:

In addition to demonstrating the innovate use of IT to serve bottom-of-the pyramid customers by one of the largest NGOs in India, the EDGE award reinforces our belief that the WOLF Platform and Cloud Computing model will play a crucial role in enhancing peoples life ......

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