Monday, December 13, 2010

Cloud based Education Systems

A non-traditional school creates an application using WOLF Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to manage their day-to-day student data online, for administrative purposes, better visibility, better class management and analysis of school functioning. This school which is an independent educational institute, decided to use WOLF Platform-as-a-Service to automate certain key features of their day to day administration, information gathering and data management processes for all facets of an established pre-primary program and a dynamic primary program to match their growth plans.

WOLF designed a dedicated browser based Administration and Data Management SaaS Application that helped them integrate technology into their day-to-day processes. The web based application enabled consolidation, structuring and automated processing of the large volume of student and administrative data. A phase wise execution plan enabled cost effective implementation, customization and scalability of the application with the institutes’ growth plans with categorization of the data into student, teacher and class-wise information. In addition, WOLF created a complex student lookup that provided a single point of reference for all details related to a student such as contact information, teacher information and classes’ information. We implemented a complex set of relationships on the data using Business Rules to inter-relate the data and allow instant searching of past and present data based on different parameters.

Cloud based SaaS Applications today are a boon for educational institutes which cannot spend money regularly on IT, software, hardware, database etc. The education systems today prefer moving to the cloud, which provides a scale-on-demand infrastructure and pay-as-you-go subscription model thereby eradicating the complete capital expenditure. Software licenses are less of an issue with many cloud based apps provided free or custom built at very low cost and can be easily accessed over a web browser. Moreover, the data which was earlier prone to manual errors and vulnerable to theft, damage & unauthorized access is now secure with much enhanced role based user access. There is no more worry about huge paper work and managing spreadsheets. The entire data is available at a single click which is easily accessible and used for any level of analysis which would have been more cumbersome earlier and involved dedicated man hours for entering and updating the dynamic data.

With more education systems coming forward we are cultivating a new generation of SaaS and Cloud Computing users for the future. The success of these initiatives will not only help to improve the quality of our education system, but also cement the movement of the software and technology industry to SaaS and Cloud Computing alternatives.

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Santanu Das
Marketing Evangelist
WOLF Frameworks

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