Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loyalty demands a little extra care (to start with)...

The common belief is that loyalty demands a lot more than just good service and products. Most companies spend millions every year to build a loyal customer base and I find it really hard to imagine how tough it becomes when it comes to sectors such as utility and basic services. Woooh!!!

In the online world, FREE service accounts are a common way to reward a loyal user base. It serves two essentials, easier trial - quick on boarding and rewarding champion users who like your service completely 'FREE'.

But, I have also discovered that if we try listening and treating every customer differently, the loyalty meter starts shooting high with little additional effort. Building loyalty demands that 'Premium' service (sometimes that effect your short term) and recognition techniques - somewhat similar to what we all have learned during parenting and raising our children.

Imaging walking into a shopping mall and paying for your carry bags - that would be a royal disaster even with heavy discounts. I would love to be the small next door retailer that offers an biodegradable carry bag - ‘FREE’ for sure for all my customers.

What are those essentials that you offer your customers to build and reward loyalty? Would love to hear your thoughts...

Sunny Ghosh
Director & CEO, WOLF Frameworks

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