Thursday, February 3, 2011

WOLF finds a place in the Cloud Computing Bible

Within 4 years of business, WOLF finds a place in "Cloud Computing Bible". The Cloud Computing Bible, written by Barrie Sosinsky and published by the Wiley Publications, is a complete reference guide to the hottest technology of the decade - Cloud Computing.

Anyone involved with planning, implementation, using or maintaining a cloud computing project will benefit hugely from this book. Starting with clear definitions on what cloud computing is, why it is so, and its pros and cons - the Cloud Computing Bible offers a wide range and complete reference. You'll get thoroughly up to speed on cloud platforms, infrastructure, services and applications, security, and much more.

Sharing its space with other industry leaders, WOLF Frameworks, Platform-as-a-Service has been chosen as an example of integrated application development cloud platform aimed at business users and developers who want to create web based applications rapidly without making a hole in their pockets.

You can get your copy today and explore the world of cloud with this complete guide. Best of luck on your journey...

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