Friday, March 11, 2011

WOLF Weekly Cloud Sum-up

With more and more vendors and customers harnessing the cloud, it is pretty overwhelming to catch up with all the happenings around. That being said, here are this week’s key cloud trends:

The week started with the Clouds hovering around the CERA’s annual energy conference in Houston. Steve Ballmer, who has been pacing the stage at the CERA’s annual energy conference, touted cloud computing as the wave of the future. Ballmer demonstrated how the game console Xbox Connect and Cloud Computing can connect people from around the world and show their movements in a virtual reality, adding that these same technologies can greatly improve energy exploration and production. The energy companies can use the cloud technology to store expensive and high amount of data and use the same real-time data to manage energy flow more effectively. More

Cloud Computing is greener

IT has been one of the fastest growing energy hogs, consuming around 2 percent of the global energy. Shown in the diagram above are the statistics from IBM, illustrating that less than 4 percent of the energy going into a data center is used to process something. According to a Microsoft report, cloud computing drives energy reductions in four related ways, which boil down to a few key leverage points:

  • Reducing excess capacity 
  • Flattening peak loads 
  • Employing large-scale "virtualization" software 
  • Improving data center design. 
Using the cloud addresses all three of the major energy-loss areas in the IBM chart: data center design tackles room and server cooling, while the other scale benefits mainly address the absurd waste, in percentage terms, from server underutilization (the far right bar).

A Muddled Look at Today's Cloud Computing Landscape [Infographic]

Today’s Cloud Computing Landscape breaks the cloud into three categories: private/Enterprise cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. The categorization of the companies in this landscape has been done pretty well but the grouping has not been clearly able to show the broader context of the cloud.

The SaaS list: A look at current on-demand favorites

ZDNet publishes a comprehensive list of the all the SaaS companies which can be handy sometimes. It lays a landscape of all the SaaS companies which are notable to keep a track of.

Cloud Computing is currently evolving. Stay tuned for more sum-ups on Cloud Computing in the forthcoming weeks.

Appreciate if you can add more to this list and help our readers to keep in touch with the Cloud...

Santanu Das
Marketing Evangelist, WOLF Frameworks

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