Friday, May 27, 2011

Successful businesses need Immersion

I often ask myself about what does it take to sell and market fashion garments, a herbal pesticide product, mobile paging / radio trunking services, IT outsourcing, business process - content management products and web application development platform on the internet. I know you expect the answer to be vastly and vaguely different, but honestly it folds down to two simple things: Perseverance and Product-Market fitment.

Businesses sell and survive, but rarely grow until the Product-market alignment bond is established. Steve jobs once mentioned, Innovation and success is about saying ‘NO’ to a 1000 good things and that is probably the first lesson one needs to learn to get this alignment working for his/her business. Once you establish this science, your product/service business will lead you forward – you only need to follow this path. This is the candy your business needs to attract paying customers.

Perseverance on the other end is about immersion that leads to astonishing insights, courage, bets and leadership. Some might refer to this as guts; for instance, in the context of your journey as an entrepreneur. If you are one of those - planning a career as an entrepreneur and most importantly that of a product start-up, I recommend you pay deep attention towards your mental map and the art of Immersion. Immersion is more than passion and wonders begin to happen when you begin to immerse yourself.

Like most cases, it just might be fate that lets you crisscross paths with an awesome opportunity but that is never enough to put your life and everything else for it. A rebel or no rebel, it takes deep insight at one end and simplicity on the other end to risk your own life to bring your baby into this world.

Sunny Ghosh
Director & CEO, WOLF Frameworks

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