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WOLF Weekly Cloud Sum-up, May 13, 2011

Cloud Computing has become a discernable trend over the past years and has become a very important factor for uprooting traditional IT. Technicians with cloud computing experience have been hot in demand. System administrators have been impacted the most with more number of companies moving to the cloud. The gradual increase of enterprise cloud computing adoption is driving the change in skill sets required. The ones that possess technical skills and experience in sales environments are mostly sought after, as they tend to be much attuned to the market, and can take advantage of the changes in business environments. Read More

Some of the other interesting discussions and market information on cloud computing are listed below.

How Is Cloud Computing Like an Airplane?

A cloud computing service is like an airliner - even though it can experience devastating crashes that affect many people, it is still safer than driving your own car…or IT infrastructure. Focusing more on backup, redundancy and resiliency should help you in minimizing the outages. Still you are better off in the cloud than doing things your own way.

Enterprise dilemma: To cloud or not to cloud

Cloud computing is not the exclusive domain of large enterprise and the public sector. In fact, the SMB and mid market segment can hugely benefit by leveraging public cloud services that deliver IT services and applications that they need. The question is, 'To cloud or not to cloud?' The right answer is to define a cloud strategy that best aligns with your business model and organizational goals. The best place to start is an infrastructure assessment of your enterprise data center on the level of preparedness for eventual cloud migration.

Cloud computing shines a light on IT money pits

It has been years that companies have been trying to fathom their IT spending. Today with cloud computing they can find out whether they are getting their return on investments with minimal efforts. This detailed insight into IT spending will not only help businesses determine whether they are paying over the odds but will also allow spend on IT services to be matched to user demand for aspects such as availability and security of that service.

7 Truths about Cloud Computing
  • It's too soon for cloud service standards 
  • But end-users can't get locked into cloud solutions 
  • Network operators who want to develop cloud services should move fast - with caution 
  • Cloud services represent another way to go vertical 
  • Mobility and cloud services are a natural fit 
  • There are many partnership options for cloud services 
  • Still very early days for cloud, change is on the way 

We hope these short sum-ups on cloud computing are helping you to take a more knowledgeable approach towards moving to the cloud. Stay tuned for more sum-ups on in the forthcoming weeks.

Appreciate if you can add more to this list and help our readers to keep in touch with the Cloud...

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Marketing Evangelist, WOLF Frameworks

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