Friday, August 12, 2011

Looking for an Executive Assistant

We’re looking for an Executive Assistant who can work in Marketing/Sales and Strategic Expansion Programs

We are celebrating our third year of successful business with happy customers and think it's aptly right to add an Executive Assistant who can pick up all the left out conversations, work on inner stuff around marketing-sales, budgeting and planning, validate and understand implications of our daily business activities with our long term vision & plans.

Here's what we think of you:

You are full of energy and naturally intelligent and love to spend most of your time imagining, analysing, reasoning and testing new ideas. The word ‘shy’ does not exist in your dictionary and all you can think of is how to get your own hands dirty with content, bold communication and out of the way collaboration.

If you work with us, this is the kind of activities you would do during a typical week:
  1. Call and meet the marketing agencies to map their value prop. 
  2. Run the new marketing campaign for US visitors. 
  3. Monitor and remove frictions to reduce CAC & conversion rates. 
  4. Track interesting user behaviour/tech stuff and share it in the blog. 
  5. Run dipstick surveys and contest to reward early adopters. 
  6. Answer questions from prospects and filter feedback to sales/support. 
  7. Talk to customers on recent progress, needs and unmet challenges. 
  8. Feed social media team with newer keywords and content. 
  9. Play and experiment with different tools to benchmark WOLF. 
  10. Measure industry events and present trends on market and adoption. 
  11. Identify key markets and lead Analyst Briefing relationship. 
  12. Fill in the gaps on marketing/sales follow-ups on behalf of the CEO/Management team. 
Some more additional things that will keep you busy:
  1. Ideate on newer possibilities and complete early market research. 
  2. Work on industry affiliation, accreditation and participate at events. 
  3. Attend to International Partners and Strategic customer meetings. 
  4. Identify missing leadership roles and become the leader, example: In absence of Director International Sales you assume the role in less than 10 minutes.
Beware of the following:

We are not managers, only 8 practitioners working in a lean cloud start-up. Work is religion - goal is GOD. This role is for pros only and will need a minimum of 5+ years of sales/marketing experience in web based technology with product background as an added advantage. BE with MBA and a natural flair towards sales is how we imagine you to be. This job could see you as a hands-on leader heading one of our Business Units in time. Sounds interesting? If you’d love to do this every day, we want you. We need you!

Please get in touch by emailing hr [at] wolfframeworks dot com and include “EA” somewhere in the subject. Thanks!

Sunny Ghosh
Director & CEO, WOLF Frameworks

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