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WOLF Weekly Cloud Sum-up, Jan 20, 2012

Recent research on cloud computing in healthcare suggests that many IT managers are reluctant to store critical patient-related data in a cloud-computing environment. With this in mind, one healthcare executive from information management firm Iron Mountain is prodding health CIOs to take a second look at the technology. Ken Rubin, senior vice president and general manager for Iron Mountain's healthcare division, understands that CIOs have many concerns as they develop a robust IT infrastructure that lets clinicians access data quickly, while ensuring that the system helps the organization meet its obligations under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA) privacy and security rules.

Read More to find why Health IT managers are reluctant to use cloud computing for data storage.

Cloud Computing – Myth and Reality


  • Businesses move to the cloud to save money.
  • The migration to the cloud is delayed or held back by security fears
  • Adoption of the cloud would result in fewer IT employees, some (very few) going as far as to say it could spell the end of enterprise IT.


  • Cutting costs – the survey finds that “82 percent of all organizations saved money on their last cloud adoption project”. Of course, the amounts saved varied, but the majority of adopters reported savings.
  • The security issues seem to be overstated as well, as the survey finds that “Data security concerns do not change significantly after adopting cloud”, with only 25% of organizations manifesting more concerns following migration.
  • Concerning the the end of Enterprise IT scenario, I think the survey findings were the most surprising: “Only 14 percent of companies downsized their IT departments after adopting cloud while 20 percent of organizations hired more cloud experts.” So it seems like the fears are unfounded.

Are ‘Cloud Hubs’ the Way of the Future?

The pressure of moving government applications into a cloud-computing environment is rapidly building as government agencies look to cut IT costs. According to a new report, the concept of “regional community cloud hubs” among government entities will greatly change the way state and local government procure cloud services.

Dispelling the Cloud's Myths

The pace of cloud computing will only accelerate in 2012. The increasing development of information technology, and the intense focus on cost reduction, are highlighting the benefits of moving IT administration off-site. And one cloud computing expert wants CFOs to be aware of the short-term challenges and long-term benefits to organizations.

Transparency crucial for cloud computing adoption

As cloud computing transparency increases, more firms will take advantage of data centre hosting, it has been suggested. John Engates, chief technology officer of Rackspace, said some companies are still reluctant to place their data in the hands of a third-party vendor. This is because they are "a little bit uncertain" around what regulations or legislative rules could apply to them, he noted. "For us, the way around that has been full transparency, making sure that customers are well aware of what we do with the data, who touches the data, and where the data actually resides," he stated. Businesses need to know that their confidential information is secure in data cabinets and server racks if it is being stored by a cloud computing provider.

We hope these short sum-ups on Cloud Computing in 2011 helped you to take a more knowledgeable approach towards moving to the cloud. Stay tuned for more sum-ups on in the forthcoming year.

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Thanks for sharing your perspective on this. I think that any company's information should be as secure as possible because you never know who could be compromising your data. Also, I think that the use of data cabinets is something that should be considered for any data center because they can help protect everything very well. We are using them at my workplace and all of our serves have been well protected and housed very nicely.

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