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WOLF Weekly Cloud Sum-up, Mar 23, 2012

Is cloud computing the secret weapon that can relieve many of the common customer service complaints? Consider this: You’re a systems administrator who’s received a request for a new application server for a hot proof-of-concept project for a client. You fail to realize the customer marked the request urgent, so you acknowledge their request and it is added to your queue. The customer is impatient, since they have no idea what’s going on. You explain that you will get to this request ASAP. Later, your manager calls to explain the customer called demanding the request be completed ASAP. Now you realize the request is urgent and you must reprioritize.

Find out how moving to the cloud help restore customer satisfaction

Cloud computing - time to get on with it?

Nearly four years ago, IT research company IDC described cloud computing as being in first gear. Today, says Chris Morris, IDC's Asia-Pacific head of cloud computing analysis, the cloud is here and organisations should "get over it and get on with it". If that sounds like more of the hype that abounds in a sector that is never stuck for a new trend, Morris says cloud computing's arrival can be seen in hardware sales. "Cloud service providers are responsible for a growing proportion of equipment sales," he says, as they build new data centres to cater for cloud customers.

Cloud Computing is New Wall Street Boom Says NIA

After years of rumors about cloud computing going mainstream around the world, the cloud computing boom is now finally here. The National Inflation Association believes that by the year 2013, cloud computing could become a bigger boom on Wall Street than the dot-com boom was in the year 2000. Cloud computing is currently a $74 billion industry that accounts for 3% of global IT spending, but in 2013 cloud computing is expected to become a $150 billion market.

CIOs' Love-Hate Relationship with the Cloud Revealed

A new report out of Saugatuck Technology confirms a dramatic shift in cloud computing intentions over the past one or two years. “Buying and deployment patterns have shifted rapidly toward a near full embrace of the cloud, from the more tactical and point solution-focused initiatives not long ago,” writes Bill McNee, author of the report. The consultancy recently conducted in-depth interviews with a dozen large enterprise CIOs and CTOs with $1 billion-plus companies. The CIOs see themselves as now entering a “crisis of opportunity” and innovation, McNee observes, brought about by the revolution in service delivery, shaped not only by cloud, but also fueled by the drive toward mobility, advanced analytics, and social business. What this calls for is “a new mission for IT, with a new set of roles, responsibilities and skills required for success.”

Networking In The Cloud

Foundations of network design apply to networks composed of tangible components or the virtualized infrastructure that extends corporate data centers to the cloud. I find that the networking aspects of cloud computing are frequently overlooked or addressed as an afterthought. In this article, I'll share my thoughts and experiences on data center/cloud integration and discuss the network ramifications of some services to the cloud.

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