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WOLF Weekly Cloud Sum-up, Apr 20, 2012

With many businesses venturing into the relatively young world of cloud computing, the question has arisen: “Could cloud computing be a viable way to save significant money on energy costs?” The answer to this question, as addressed by CDW’s fourth annual Energy Efficient IT Report, seems to be a tentative yet hopeful, “Well, it certainly could be.” The report, which drew from the results of a 760-person survey, in various positions in non-profit, corporate, school, and government sectors, relayed that 62 percent of those asked thought that cloud computing was indeed an energy-efficient solution for data consolidation.

Source: Cleantechnica

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India 19th in cloud computing readiness

Business Software Alliance (BSA), a global non-profit IT alliance, today ranked India 19th among 24 nations in its preparedness for cloud computing implementation. With an overall score of 50, though India is ahead of BRICS nations China (47.5) and Brazil (35.1), it ranked below advanced economies like Japan (83.3), Australia (79.2) and the US (78.6). Cloud computing refers to a pay-per-use model of computing where applications and software are accessed over the Internet and not owned by users. It helps IT companies to save huge costs as they do not have to invest heavily in IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing will change IT industry

Cloud computing is a model for delivering IT services in which resources are retrieved from the Internet through web-based tools and applications. This does not require any external server or software. Just like the Yahoo email, Gmail etc. that require an Internet connection instead of any software or a server. According to this new technology, the email management software or server is all on the cloud i.e. internet and is totally managed by the cloud service provider i.e. Yahoo or Google.

Cloud computing in the real world

There are clouds in the forecast, in Boston and everywhere else. A host of press reports suggest that Google Inc. will next week launch a new product called Drive, a free “cloud storage’’ service that’ll let you stash five gigabytes of data online, and access it anywhere through any Internet-connected device. It’s welcome news, but a bit late. More than 50 million people worldwide already use a similar service called Dropbox. There are many more cloud storage offerings, too. SugarSync, Microsoft Corp.’s SkyDrive, and a new offering called Cubby, from Woburn-based LogMeIn Inc., to name only a few of the more appealing ones that I have tried.

Increasing business efficiency through cloud computing

Few businesses are required to be as dynamic as those providing services around major events – a challenge that specialist event agency iLUKA knows only too well. Although the company, based in Hampton Wick in Surrey, has 115 full-time employees, its head count swells significantly in the run-up to a big date on its calendar, when its workforce could multiply tenfold as temporary staff are brought in. During its 20 years in business, iLUKA has provided hospitality and associated services for sponsors including some the biggest household names at the most prestigious global sporting events. More recently it has branched out from global athletics tournaments to include major football meetings including the Fifa World Cup.

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