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WOLF Weekly Cloud Sum-up, May 11, 2012

The cloud-computing industry is fast maturing and growing. There is news every day of radical advances in IT delivery through the cloud. Every industry goes through phases and growth pains until they reach maturation. Here are six phases currently in progress in the maturity of the cloud-computing industry. There are 6 Signs of a maturing Cloud Computing industry to look out for:
  • The Appearance of Niches 
  • Transformation of Traditional Models 
  • The Death of Traditional Models 
  • Commoditization Begins 
  • Players Multiply Like Rabbits 
  • The Bottom Falls Out 
Source: Wired Cloudline

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Public-sector cloud computing: The good, the bad and the ugly

When the second-in-command of one of the most technologically advanced states in the country slams public-sector computing - publicly - it's a resounding wake-up call. "Don't underestimate how far local, state and federal government is behind [in computing]," said California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom at a tech conference in Silicon Valley earlier this year. "We have to wake up to the new reality." The new reality Newsom was referring to is cloud computing -- a versatile way for government agencies of all sizes to solve a variety of technological issues relating to cost, human resources and the ability to respond quickly to constituents' needs. Many government agencies are doing just that - albeit in limited areas, such as email and data center consolidation.

Cloud computing is hard and takes a long time

Cisco Systems has surveyed more than 1,300 IT professionals to determine the top priorities and challenges they face when migrating applications and information to the cloud. Guess what? It's harder, and it takes longer than many thought. Of course, these surveys have a tendency to be self-serving, so it's no surprise that this one concludes that your networks need upgrading before you can move to the cloud. After all, the survey was sponsored by a networking company. But putting aside the obvious self-promotion, the broader conclusions confirm what many of us have suspected for some time and what anyone considering a cloud migration must understand: It's not easy. Cloud computing is a challenge that takes longer than most organizations have budgeted.

Governance Meets Cloud: Top Misconceptions

While cloud computing takes some IT responsibilities off of your plate, governance isn't one of them. Experts say you still need to do the heavy lifting to ensure strong security and access policies. The biggest fact that organizations building out cloud environments don't understand about governance in the new world of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is that, despite the handoff of certain IT functions, the responsibility around governance still remains at home. Within the structure of traditional IT, companies could skirt some of the real governance challenges by clamping down on certain deployment scenarios and keeping anything questionable within the four walls and security controls of internal IT. That's not so easy with a true cloud environment, which mixes it up between private and public clouds, ultimately with applications running between the two, depending on demand and use case.

Cloud, Data Analytics Top IT Priorities for Businesses

A Deloitte survey of midmarket businesses found they are interested in leveraging technology to improve business efficiency. Midsize businesses are looking to specific IT investments to boost their businesses, and the larger the organization, the more likely it is to cite technology as having the greatest potential to increase productivity, according to the findings of a new survey of midmarket companies by Deloitte. The study shows cloud computing emerging as an investment priority. When asked what types of investments companies were likely to make in technology, 40 of the respondents cited cloud computing. That's close to automation of business processes (46 percent) and data analytics (41 percent).

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