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WOLF Weekly Cloud Sum-up, November 23, 2012

The number of global IT services deals with a cloud computing element have tripled since 2010, according to research from IT outsourcing consultancy Information Services Group (ISG). ISG used its TPI index to analyse IT outsourcing deals and found this year will see 300 IT contracts awarded which feature cloud computing services. This compares with 110 in 2010 and 220 in 2011. Stanton Jones, emerging technology analyst at ISG, said the move to standardised platform-based services which are difficult to customise is a step-change for the IT services sector. “Cloud services, especially shared platforms, are a new terrain for providers and clients alike, as they are highly standardised and can’t be easily customised — the antithesis of traditional outsourcing,” said Jones.

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Cloud computing's utility future gets closer

Cloud computing is converting from a market defined by different technologies into one defined by quality of service. Existing utility markets include ones for water, electricity, gas and, to a degree, basic internet connectivity. A utility market occurs when an item has been commoditised to the point that it becomes very hard to differentiate on a technology basis, and instead companies distinguish themselves through different levels of service, availability and support.

Cloud computing: The semi-secret economic equalizer

According to the university's researchers, "developing countries are utilizing the growing adoption of 'cloud computing' -- the use of consumer devices to access remote computer and information resources -- to expand their economic role in an increasingly global economy." As the study illustrates, the cost efficiencies of cloud computing are the same in third-world countries as in the developed world, and up-and-coming nations can leverage data, applications, and infrastructure that were once cost prohibitive. In turn, this increases commerce by facilitating the countries' entrance into the global markets.

Interactive Intelligence Honoured with Cloud Computing Excellence Award from TMC

Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ININ) has been honoured with a 2012 Cloud Computing Excellence Award from TMC's Cloud Computing Magazine. The vendor received the award for its business communications cloud offering, Interactive Intelligence Communications as a Service℠, which was designed to give mid-size to large organisations secure and reliable access to a wide range of contact center and unified communications (UC) applications. "Interactive Intelligence has close to twenty years of experience delivering innovative business communications technology and services," said TMC's group editorial director, Erik Linask.

Educational Institutions and Cloud Computing: A Roadmap of Responsibilities

Increasingly, educational institutions and state entities handling student data are hiring outside companies to perform cloud computing functions related to managing personal information. The benefits of cloud computing are that outside entities might be more sophisticated at managing personal data. These entities may be able to manage data more inexpensively and effectively than the educational institution could do itself. In many cases, cloud computing providers can provide better security than the educational institutions can.

We hope these short sum-ups on Cloud Computing are helping you to take a knowledgeable approach towards moving to the cloud. Stay tuned for more sum-ups on in the forthcoming week.

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